The Benefits of Going to Massage Therapy

There are so many reasons that going through massage therapy on a regular basis is great for your overall health, yes, it does feel good but, did you know that there are actually benefits from going at least three times a week?

Let’s discuss them!

1) Relieves stress

Most people do not even realize they are stressed, this form of tension is not always in a bad way, there are forms of good stress as well, but any stress, is bad for your body, it can affect your blood pressure, heart rate, heart function and your weight.

Going to this form of therapy for the recommended amount of time each week is shown to improve the function of all of your organs as well as lowers the risk of stroke, heart attack and can help you control your weight.

Due to the amount of water that the patient has to drink before and after the therapy, it is also shown to rid over seventy-five percent of toxins that are lingering in the body that can get clogged inside of organs and affect their working performance.

2) Mental Health

Getting a regular massage schedule is proven to help the function of your brain activity, which as a result can reduce depression, anxiety and has been shown in some studies to calm ADHD.

The friction that radiates from the massage therapists hands as they move over the bare sections of skin that rest along the spinal cord activates your nervous system to help lower the levels of stress hormones in your body. This allows brain activity to slow to a normal pace, thus improving the way your brain reacts to certain environments and situations that would previously give you stress.

3) Emotional Health

This is one that a lot of people struggle with and might not even realize that it is affecting their life.

If you notice that your mood changes a lot throughout the day, depending on what time it is, specifically at night and you are single or do not receive daily physical affection, then you might be suffering from an lack of emotional contact.

Yes, this is a real thing and yes, it can negatively affect your over all health and emotional balance.

Because of the physical human contact that is found in this form of therapy, it is shown that it can improve emotional balance and leave the patient feeling more uplifted and satisfied with their every day life, it has also been proven to allow the patient to get a better nights rest, since, sleeping alone has been proven to be harder to sleep throughout the night alone, this therapy tricks the brain into thinking due to relaxation, that you are not alone.

Getting a massage on a daily basis sounds great to anyone and everyone, well, in case you were wondering if three thirty dollars a session was really worth the money, think about your health and the over all balance of your life’s function, everything will improve and you will be heading down the road towards feeling better than ever before in mind, body, and soul!