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Home Care: Detoxify your body dry skin brushing.

Looking for a way to detoxify your body, get a radiant glow, and even smooth cellulite from the comfort of your own bathroom?

Consider adding dry skin brushing to your daily routine.

Dry skin brushing is an ultra inexpensive and effective way to detoxify, pamper, and invigorate your body, from the outside in.

More than just a beauty treatment, dry brushing may be the single most important (and least expensive) ritual you add to your daily personal care regimen.

The Skin’s Role in Detoxing the Body

Skin is the body’s largest organ, and in addition to acting as a pretty and protective layer, the skin also plays a major role in ridding the body of waste and toxins. Third in line behind the kidneys and lungs, our skin releases a whopping one pound of waste each day.

Skin Problems Point to Toxicity

The skin is the first to show symptoms of imbalance or toxicity, erupting in rashes, acne, itchiness, dryness, eczema, and body odor when it is unable to effectively rid the body of toxins; things such as dead skin cells, accumulated waste, pollution, dirt and makeup can clog the pores, preventing the skin from flushing toxins from the body.

And when toxins can’t escape through the skin, they have nowhere to go but back inside, where they are stored in fat cells — worsening the appearance of cellulite and fatty deposits — or recirculated through the bloodstream, overwhelming the kidneys, liver, and other organs responsible for detoxing.

Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Dry skin brushing sloughs away dead skin cells, increases blood flow to the skin, and promotes toxin release, helping to create radiant and vibrant skin, improve circulation, stimulate the lymphatic and immune systems, activate the nervous system, tone muscles and strengthen and tighten skin.

Daily dry brushing over a period of months can even reduce cellulite by breaking up the toxic deposits of stored fatty tissues which cause the skin to pucker. And increased blood flow to skin helps regenerate new skin cells, producing tighter, healthier looking skin.

Dry Skin Brush Technique

Choose a brush with firm natural bristle fibers and a long detachable handle, allowing you to dry brush your entire back. Initially, you’ll be sensitive to the bristles, but with time, your skin will get used to it.

  • Brush your body before you shower or take a bath, preferably in the morning.
  • Start at your feet and always brush up toward your heart, using brisk circular motions or long, even strokes.
  • Brush up your legs, over your abdomen, buttocks and back, always brushing toward the heart. When brushing arms, work from the fingertips, brushing up your arms, toward your heart.
  • Brush lightly on sensitive areas like your breasts, and more firmly on tougher skin, like on the soles of your feet. Avoid brushing anywhere the skin is broken or where you have a rash, open wound or infection.
  • Finish your treatment by taking a shower or bath, or adding a hot-cold treatment to further stimulate the lymphatic system.
  • Dry skin thoroughly, and massage skin with pure plant oils such as avocado, almond, coconut and olive oils or cacao butter.
  • Repeat daily for beautiful results, inside and out!