I love this time of the year, when the air feels fresh and my body and soul are rejuvenated from a well-lived summer. It obviously isn’t the beginning of the year, but it is a time when kids go back to school, adults wrap up vacations, and goals and motivations are reset as we look ahead to how we want to live out the rest of 2017!

Here are some key reminders to keep your body and mind on track in the upcoming months…

The Big Fall Reset!


Commit to getting 45 minutes of sweaty exercise 4 times per week. Can’t organize getting out to the gym? No problem! Go up and down a few flights of stairs every hour, ask a friend to go for a walk, offer to walk a friend’s dog, run on the spot! Literally even sprinting safely up a few flights of stairs for 20 seconds at a time will produce great health benefits! If the benefits of exercise could be put in a pill form, it would be considered the most healing drug on the market!


Mindfulness helps reduce and manage stress, which has whole person benefits for your health. Every hour take 15 full conscious breaths; expand your lungs and ribcage fully like a balloon filling with air. Oxygen provides a natural (and free) energy boost! Take time each evening in bed to experience stillness and quiet. Notice what is subtle in your environment. Take notice of what your senses pick up. Expand this practice to other parts of your day. Slow down and smell the roses!

Social Health

Invite friends over for dinner, organize a small day trip with loved ones, strike up a conversation with a stranger! We are social animals so ensure that that is part of your weekly experience.


They say that six packs are made in the kitchen. Extra weight is linked with quicker mortality rates as well as a whole host of disease processes. Learn what foods make you feel healthy (expand those in your diet!) and which foods take away health (make those less of your weekly experience!). New research is showing that our gut health is very much linked to our mood states. Depression, anxiety and happiness might be a result of what you put in your belly!

Viva Health Centre News…

Neil Melanson, RMT, Osteopath (Thesis writer) has completed the 5 year training to become an Osteopath, and is currently writing his thesis to become licensed.  Osteopathic approaches to health can improve mobility and function of musculoskeletal, cardiopulmonary, endocrine, immune and digestive/ elimination systems.

Have a safe and healthy Fall season.

Neil Melanson, RMT, Osteopath (thesis writer)