Almost ninety percent of people around the world suffer from back problems on the daily.

If you have ever had problems with your spine, blood circulation, nerves or joints, then more than likely you have been to a doctor who is well-versed in the field of osteopathy at some point or another in your life.

And even if you haven’t yet, then it’s very likely that you will visit one of these doctors by the end of your lifetime, given that nearly 90% of people in the United States alone will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives.

Osteopathy is essentially a branch of medicine that works on your bones, joints and muscles to treat related medical disorders (primarily related to your back and spine). If you have never been to a doctor of osteopathic medicine but are planning on going soon and are feeling a little bit scared on not knowing what to expect, here is some information about them that might make the overall experience easier.

The initial examination will roughly take anywhere between one to two hours to conduct, this is because they are going to not only pin point why you are having discomfort and how to reverse the problem but, they are also going to look at your body as a whole and figure out what they can do during the time that they are seeing you to better the entire well being of your body through their form of medical practice.

This is a type of therapy that will never need the use of machinery or medication to alleviate the problem.

The diagnosis and the treatment plan is done solely by the use of the doctors hands to be able to better fix the problem, while putting your comfort and progress first.

When you are using medication to fix problem, it only masks what is wrong when it comes to pain, sometimes doctors think that is it easier to cover up the issue rather than taking the time out to fix it, that is not a problem that you will face with these guys.

In fact, they are so concerned about something going wrong during treatment that they do not even want to use other devices that can aid them in the therapy portion of the correction process, knowing that they have complete control of pressure, pain tolerance and the body itself when they use their own hands to reverse the problem.

Depending on why you are going in for treatment, will depend on the duration of the time that you will go in there as well as how often over the course of the therapy.

The sessions are done in the privacy of a room, there are men and women doctors, so, make sure that you get into a office where they have the proper staff to make the experience more comfortable for you.

The whole goal of this form of medical treatment is to ensure that you, the patient, are not only going to be fixed and better than ever after the treatment but, that you are able to go through it without discomfort.

People always tell you not to question your doctor if something does not feel right because they know best but, that is not the case with these guys, in fact, they insist that you tell them if you are in any form of pain or discomfort during the evaluation or the therapy program itself.

They are not only looking to solve the issue you came in for, but they are also focusing on the over all health of your body working together in proper formation!