Get answers to questions about preparing for your massage therapy appointment, including massage etiquette, direct billing, and after-care. Should you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us with your inquiry — we are happy to speak with you.

Massage therapy can benefit people of all ages and conditions, including the following:

  • Anyone: who is suffering from injuries, motor vehicle trauma, or one of the many other common conditions listed throughout this site.
  • Athletes: for the prevention of repetitive strain injuries through the maintenance of healthy muscle tone and improved joint function
  • Pregnant women: to relieve the discomfort associated with pregnancy; low back pain, swelling, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.
  • Elderly: to facilitate joint function and increase circulation
  • Infants: to improve digestive function, create body awareness, decrease colic stress, and mediate birth trauma
Many extended health care plans now recognize massage therapy as a beneficial and effective form of treatment, and therefore provide coverage. Our office is equipped to directly bill many Blue Cross health plans. For information regarding your Blue Cross plan please call Medavie/Blue Cross toll free 1-800-667-4511. Have your Policy number and Identification number available when you call.

Prior to your first appointment, you may want to save time by printing off and completing your client intake form. You may wish to bring shorts and/or other clothing which allow freedom of movement for massage therapy treatments.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to all appointments.
  • Viva Health Centre is a cell-phone-free zone in treatment areas, so please switch your phone to a silent mode if you need to have it with you.
On your first visit you will complete a confidential health history form; if you wish, you may download a blank form to fill out prior to your visit. Your therapist will go over your health history form with you to determine your treatment needs and goals.

Massage therapists are required to cover/drape you with a sheet so that they expose only the area which they are working on. You may need to undress for therapy. However, you do not need to expose yourself in any way that you are uncomfortable. It is possible to work on a client who is dressed. So just let your therapist know your comfort level.

If you wish to have silence, you should say so at the beginning of the treatment. The therapist may, however, require verbal information pertinent to health findings during the treatment.

An epsom salt bath is recommended to soothe and to calm muscles, and enhance the benefits of the massage. It will help to alleviate stiffness you may feel the next day, and it is also recommended for use after workouts for the same reason. Have on hand a 2kg bag of epsom salts, and drink plenty of water to keep your tissues hydrated.
Your therapist will advise you of any specific activities you should not do, as well as recommend useful exercises for your wellness goals.Visit the Tips and Tools section of our website for more self-care exercises and stretches that can help you prevent injury and maximize the benefits of your treatments.
We kindly request 24 hours cancellation notice. Cancellations within 24 hours will result in  a charge of the service booked.